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Consular Services

Passport Applications
Passport Applications

Processing of passport applications for Zimbabwean Nationals.


Processing of applications for Visas.


Certification, translation and attestation of Zimbabwean documents.

Police Clearance
Police Clearance

Police clearance application and processing.

Documents Processing
Documents Processing

Processing of applications for birth registration for children born in France, Spain, Portugal and the Vatican.

Marriage Certificates
Non-marriage Certificates

Issued to Zimbabwean nationals seeking to either marry for the first time or to remarry.

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March 14, 2023 at 7:54 am | Posted by: admin1760


The name Zimbabwe is derived from the Shona, dzimba dzemabwe, meaning houses of stone or stone buildings, today symbolized by the unique remnants of ancient ruins that are of cultural and historical significance to understanding ancient African kingdoms and civilization. The country got its name from the Great Zimbabwe Ruins which are the largest architectural structure of its kind in Africa, and are situated in the city of Masvingo in the South Earstern part of Zimbabwe.

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  • 1. Zimbabwe is OPEN FOR BUSINESS. The Government of Zimbabwe has taken and continues to take various measures or reforms to improve the Ease of Doing Business in the country. For further information please log onto

    2. Zimbabwe is a stable, peaceful and secure country, endowed with abundant natural resources across all economic sectors. Zimbabwe has a rich variety of commercially exploitable mineral deposits and the country’s soils and climate are very conducive to produce a very wide range of agricultural commodities.

    3. Geographically, Zimbabwe is centrally and strategically located in the Southern African sub-region. It forms part of the North – South Corridor and is a gateway linking South Africa with countries to the north of Zimbabwe like Zambia, the DRC, Malawi into the African hinterland. Because of its geographical location, Zimbabwe is well positioned to serve regional markets. The country is also a regional logistics hub as it is well supported by sound infrastructure e.g.railway lines, roads, power grids and telecommunication.

    4. The Zimbabwean human capital is highly skilled and very hard working. Its literacy rate is among the highest in Africa.

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    Zimbabwe, brandnamed the ‘World of Wonders’, is a leading tourist destination in Africa and the world at large. Endowed with diverse, unique and majestic scenery and landscapes, pristine wildlife, highly acclaimed rich cultural heritage and historical monuments, a rare blend of music, captivating art and dance as well as very friendly people with a natural affinity for hospitality, Zimbabwe has attracted and continues to attract tourists from all over the world.

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    • April 18 - The Embassy will be closed in observance of Zimbabwe Independence Day.
    • May 1 - The Embassy will be closed in observance of Workers' Day.
    • May 25 - The Embassy will be closed in observance of Africa Day.
    • August 10 - The Embassy will be closed in observance of Heroes' Day.

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